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Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association

Message to Residents

We have recently begun our 2017 subscription and fund drive. As we are not tax funded, your generous contributions are critical to the continued provision of services. As there are so many homes and businesses to reach out to, we contract with an area company to send out our request mailers. Unfortunately many of our residents received a mailer intended for our business owner/operators. If you are a homeowner or renter, and received a "Dear business owner " letter, please disregard it, you should be receiving the correct "Friends and Neighbors" letter in your mail soon.

Your tax-deductible donation helps save lives and get people to medical help every day ! Should you have any questions or concerns, or would like to make a contribution over the phone, please call us at 228-5995.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association is to provide exemplary emergency care to the residents and visitors of Washington Township and its neighboring communities. We are committed to providing the most efficient, professional and courteous medical care to our patients no matter how grave the circumstance.


Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association is committed to providing the highest level of BLS level emergency medical services with strong focus on constantly improving our ability to serve the public.

Fast Facts

  • The organization covers:
    • 22 square miles
    • 50,000± residents
    • Residential Dwellings
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Local, County and State Highways
    • Mutual aid response provided to surrounding communities
    • In 2016, we handled over 5,700 calls for service

Squad Profile

The Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association has been providing ambulance service to the residents of Washington Township since 1956. For more than 60 years we have provided prompt, quality service. For a more detailed history, please see Our History. Our organization is currently staffed by more than 30 full and part time professionals. Our fleet of 7 ambulances consists of NJ State licensed Type II & Type III Basic Life Support Ambulances, and two staff vehicles. In addition, we also have a Mass Casualty Incident Trailer,a Mobility Assistance Vehicle, and two trained EMS Bicycle Team members.

More Details

Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association is made up of career, State of NJ certified EMTs and Mobility Assistance Technicians (MAV-T) that provide not only the obvious function of Basic Life Support, but are also charged with numerous other public awareness and public safety assignments. These tasks include emergency medical response; non-emergency medical transport ; special operations (EMS Bike Team); public education; facility use, fleet and equipment maintenance.

Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association will provide emergency medical services to our community with the highest standards of care possible.

  • We will succeed in this mission through the commitment of our highly trained personnel, supervisory staff and administration.

Contact Information

    • Telephone
      • General Questions: 856-228-5995 ** Fax: 856-232-1607
      • Billing Questions: 609-261-1002

In Memoriam

In Memory of
Thomas J. Woody

May 15, 1941 – March 21, 2012
Dear Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Brother and Friend
Rest Peacefully

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